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Discover startups and projects in the environment and energy sectors filtered by business area and technology. This list includes high potential projects and companies based and working primarily in Switzerland, founded or active since 2000 and still operational, and range from an initial concept up to those that are trying to capture a larger market space.
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Company Name Founding year / Canton Areas of Activity [Subareas] Technology
Essento 2015 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Food production & retail ] Low technology
VD Essento is a company that specializes in edible insects. We develop, produce and market various specialities based on edible insects for the retail trade as well as the catering trade. Essento is a food-tech startup that provides the European and Swiss market with a locally produced, delicious and sustainable source of animal protein in the form of insects.
ethec 2017 Transport & Mobility [ Energy efficiency ] e-mobility, e-motorbike, e-motorcycle, e-scooter
ZH We are a team consisting of 16 students and 5 supervisors of ETH Zurich and ZHdK. As part of a focus-project, we are developing a prototype of an electric motorcycle with two-wheel drive. Our main goal is to have a driving range of 250 km using braking energy recuperation at both wheels and latest battery technologies.
Eturnity 2012 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis [ Electricity efficiency, Energy storage, Energy sufficiency, Heating and cooling energy, Information technology ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals, Photovoltaics
GR Eturnity provides Live-Energy-Analysis (LEA) platform that supports its users (Utilities) in the consultation and the sales process for Solar Power Systems, Heat Pumps and E-Mobility Charging Stations digitally. Utilities and Installers can save up to 50% of their time throughout the process.
Evatec 2004 Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas) [ Energy efficiency, Resource efficiency ] Enabling technologies
SG Evatec offers a range of platform architectures equipped with evaporation, sputter , etch and PECVD source technologies according to application, substrate format and throughput requirements, due to thin film deposition systems enable manufacture of the worlds highest performance optical, optoelectronic and semiconductor devices. Our Advanced Process Control ( APC) technologies enables new level of thin film performance and production yield.
Eventfrog 2016 Communication, Media, Education or Games [ Information technology ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
SO Eventfrog offers the possibility to create free events with online ticketing and supports the organizers in publishing their events with a wide reach, without cost, supporting small events and organisations
EveryCook 2014 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Energy efficiency, Food production & retail ] Smart device
ZH Production of a smart pan that cooks the meals in an easier and more energy efficient way
EVG Zentrum (Zevvy) 2017 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Energy efficiency ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
LU Supports the development of community solar projects (EVG) and runs the software Zevvy to help customers with the billing of solar power systems for "Eigenverbrauch"
EVTEC 2010 Transport & Mobility [ Mobility & Fleet management ] e-mobility, e-vehicle charging
LU EVTEC offers high speed electric car charging station with different configuration and sizes.
Ewattch 2017 Construction & buildings, Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Environment, sustainability & hazard prevention management, Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas) [ Construction of buildings, Electricity, Electricity efficiency, Energy efficiency, Engineering, Heating and cooling energy, Many fields, Resource efficiency ] Electric batteries, IT data usage, Optic devices, Smartcity, Smart device, Smartgrid, Smarthome & building
VD Ewattch is an expert in the IoT (Internet of Things) and develops wireless sensors and innovative services mainly dedicated to energy control, intended for industry, office buildings and Smart building projects.
Exlterra 2013 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management Enabling technologies
GE At Exlterra we invent better ways to combat major challenges affecting our environment and civilization. Our disruptive technologies generate significant economic, environmental, and social value. Our first invention, patented in 2010, is called EGRP®. Thanks to its energy-passive, soil moisture management design, the EGRP revolutionizes the way to address many water issues. In 2017, we introduced an innovative and versatile light-weight drill rig HAZL, and in 2018 we announced our Nutrient Enrichment Passive System or NEPS. Which reinvigorates failing trees, and is already storming the fields of urban forestry, landscaping and commercial farming. Today, we continue working on improving our existing technology while continuing to pursue new projects and ideas. It is in our DNA to invent and market sustainable environmental technologies.
Exomotion 2018 Transport & Mobility e-motorbike, e-motorcycle, e-scooter
GE The coolest e-scooter in the world: Mulitdirectional and safe.
Explosion Power 2009 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Heating and cooling energy, Information technology, Resource efficiency, Waste & recycling ] Enabling technologies, Filters & Membranes, Heat industrial usage
AG Small explosion generator to clean heat pump tubes of industrial processes
Fagus Suisse 2014 Construction & buildings [ Construction of buildings ] Construction: Resource or material optimisation, Wood or forest technologies
JU FAGUS SUISSE AG is the Swiss specialist for beech processing and stands for innovative spirit in constructive timber construction. They manufactures elements for structural timber construction and semi-finished products as well as glued wood panels for furniture and interior design.
Fairpower 2013 Behavioural change, Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production), Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Environment, sustainability & hazard prevention management [ Electricity ] Enabling technologies, IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals, Renewable technologies, Smartgrid
ZH Fairpower is an independent electricity supplier and service provider with a focus on renewable energies.They provide an online platform for selling green certificates and the electricity label "Fair Power".
Fair Recycling (fondation) 2008 Climate technologies & mitigation & CO2-reduction, Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Waste & recycling ] Low technology
ZH Fair Recycling is the first organisation worldwide to combine climate protection with recycling. In Brazil, where the Swiss foundation's pioneering project is located, it recycles old refrigerators containing CFCs in cooperation with its local partner Indústria Fox, thus making an important contribution to climate protection. On the basis of this verification report, an independent registration body issues climate protection certificates, which the Foundation offers to Swiss partners. Fair Recycling is proud to be the climate partner of numerous companies that reduce a large part of their CO2 emissions with their own measures and only offset unavoidable emissions with climate protection certificates.
FAIRTIQ 2013 Transport & Mobility IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
BE We are an innovative, dynamic company that makes travelling by public transport easier than ever before. The FAIRTIQ app offers the simplest, most cost-effective tickets - for travellers, transport authorities and public transport operators. After a greatly successful launch in Switzerland, we are now expanding into new markets. Our ultimate goal is to simplify sustainable mobility internationally.
UniqueTrace (FairTrace) 2013 Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas) Enabling technologies
VS FairTrace developed FairTrace Traceability Tool. It's an effective, innovative and patented computer software solution which ensure traceability of goods, ingredients and guarantee their origin.
Fair Voyage 2017 Recreation, hotels & restaurants [ Environmental monitoring, Information technology ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
ZH Fair Voyage helps you find and customize your best conscious travel experience in Africa and developing regions. They are building an ethical and sustainable booking platform that exclusively promotes verified responsible tour operators. Through their direct relationships with local leaders in sustainability, they can offer you highest quality at best prices.
Faitron 2016 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Food production & retail ] Enabling technologies
SG Faitron is a Swiss company focusing on mobile food solutions e.g. a heated lunch box or baby bottle. Our goal is to improve health and well-being through our innovative product solutions and become a global influencer in the home appliance industry.
Farmy 2014 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Food production & retail ] Low technology
ZH Farmy is the online shop for regional and organic products.
FenX 2019 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Construction of buildings, Construction of infrastructure (roads, bridges ..), Waste & recycling ] Physical & chemical & nano technologies
ZH FenX is designing and developing foam products and foam formulations made from available waste or natural materials and addressed to real estate developers, construction companies and architects. The product: Non-flammable, non-toxic insulation foam causing zero CO2 emission.
Fiaxell 2018 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Unknown ] Enabling technologies
VD A global solution for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), electrolyser (SOEC) & high temperature electrochemical devices Over the past nine years, Fiaxell has developed processes for cell fabrication, specialty screen printing inks, flexible testing devices for high temperature measurements and has now provided customers worldwide. To complement our core competences, we identified highly skilled manufacturers of electronics (power supply & EIS), kilns, gas control, liquid management, gas detection, hydrogen generators and are working closely with them.
Fidectus AG 2019 Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis [ Financing and financial services, Information technology ] Communication, IT data usage, IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
ZH Settlement and invoice remain the last vestige of manual or partially automated process in the OTC deal lifecycle. Lack of automation translates to being error prone, high operational costs and increased exposure/risk. Fidectus brings a standards-based solution developed in conjunction with members of the European energy trading industry meeting industry requirements today and building a foundation for the future.
Fireforce Technology 2018 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Heating and cooling energy ] Heat industrial usage, Heating in buildings
VD Fireforce Technology develops clean and effective biomass combustion processes that emits ultra-low pollutant levels. We develop our own models of wood burners adapted to your application.
Fixposition 2017
Fixposition offers its high-precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology and computer vision-based navigation devices to customers in the market segments of professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), ground robotics and automotive.
Fleco Power 2015 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity, Media ] Enabling technologies, Grid: Efficient power transmission or distribution, Photovoltaics
ZH Marketing and management of private renewable production into virtual power plant; Farm support entrepreneurial farms and regional power generation. We procure certificates for the consumer without any complications - the added value flows directly to the local farm.
Flimatec 2014 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Electricity efficiency, Energy efficiency, Energy storage, Engineering, Heating and cooling energy ] Heat industrial usage, Measuring & monitoring e.g. environemental data
LU Flimatec offers comprehensive services in the field of thermal energy technology. Key elements include analysis of thermal energy requirements and holistic energy optimization of industrial processes using pinch analysis.
Flisom 2005 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity, Electricity efficiency ] New chemical materials, Photovoltaics
ZH Flisom’s products are based on an innovative thin film solar technology developed in Switzerland. High efficiency, flexible CIGS solar panels, ultra light weight and unique product features open a completely new dimension in solar energy.
Flowconverter Energy 2007 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity ] Hydro energy (small scale)
ZH The company aims to develop, manufacture and operate innovative environmental technologies. The main produkt is the FLOWCONVERTER™, an innovative flow generator for the generation of electric current. The fields of application of FLOWCONVERTER™ are brooks, rivers, canals and ocean currents, where it can be installed without a negative impact on fish or the waters natural behaviour.
Fluid Solids 2011 Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas), Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Construction of buildings, Engineering, Resource efficiency, Waste & recycling ] Biomass based energy (biofuels, biogas ..), Bio technologies, Material & Products based on biomass
ZH FluidSolids Ltd. is a leader in developing custom-made biocomposites that do not compete with the production of food since the material is made from organic waste and by-products.
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