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About the Innovation Monitor

The Innovation Monitor is a continuously updated database providing information on innovative Swiss startups, projects and companies in the environment and energy business sectors. We focus on active startups and project ideas that might become startups. The startups can be filtered by area, technology and canton. The monitor helps to foster collaboration between startups and established companies, authorities and research.

13.09.2023 LEDCity wins Green Business Award

LEDCity wins the most prestigious sustainability award of the Swiss economy!

06.09.2023 Save the Date: Energy Startup Day 2023

On 14. December in Bern: The Energy Startup Day will be even more innovative and divers this year with international startup and participants

16.08.2023 Tagung zum Energie- und Nachhaltigkeitsrecht

Die Verbindung von Wärme und Strom als Baustein der Dekarbonisierung aus technischer, planerischer, politischer und rechtlicher Sicht.


Dr. Christina Marchand

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin ZHAW

Devon Wemyss

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin ZHAW