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Energy and Environment Startup Guide

This guide provides specific support for energy and environment startups to foster innovation and grow their business. Below you can find specific questions and answers under each category by clicking "show questions". We have collected the most relevant resources from across Switzerland specific to energy and environment startups. Feedback and inputs welcome!

Business Sector Know-How

The Swiss energy and environment business sectors are complex and diverse. A start-up needs to have a strong understanding of the current policies and regulations, as well as the relevant innovations evolving in the sector. Furthermore, prizes in the sector highlight best practices where the sector is heading.


Energy and environment start-ups have unique funding needs, considering, for example, strict regulatory frameworks, large-scale technology development, or risk-adverse markets, as compared to other Swiss start-ups. Here we focus on targeted funding and investors who understand the development dynamics of the energy and environment sectors.

Network & Collaboration

Collaboration partners and a strong network are more essential compared to other sectors, for energy and environment start-ups. There are a range of potential partners, networking events, co-working hubs and other ways to become visible in the sector.

Internationalisation & Further Growth

Whether sooner or later, there is often a need to expand energy and environment start-up activities outside of Switzerland to capture new markets, reach customers, access financing, or develop new products. As a critical moment, this step often needs additional support.

Research & Innovation

Alongside the evolving energy and environment business sectors, Swiss researchers have been active players in defining the future of these sectors. Covering topics such as energy market design, economic feasibility studies, or collaboration models, research can offer insights for new businesses.

General Support & Training

There are plenty of offers across Switzerland to support entrepreneurs to get their business idea off the ground. Here we present a selection of the top offers, as well as energy and environment specific coaching and training sessions. Note that some courses are planned with set times in-person or online, and others are available continuously online