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Christina Marchand

As of Spring 2020, we have updated the search and filter functions! Innovative companies in the database can be filtered by: business area, technology, canton, company name, founding year, phase and canton. Companies that are complete with submitted company details and logo are shown at the top. Temporarily startups can also be filtered by the Energy Startup Map Areas.

The Innovation Monitor database, updated yearly, provides a listing of the projects and companies active in the energy and environment sectors in Switzerland.

The database is freely accessible online and can be filtered by the following areas detailed below. Only active startups and companies with a website or other publicly available information are visible.

The following information is available about each company:

The business area is a structured grouping of the sectors the companies work in, adjusted to be more specific for the energy and environment topics. It highlights the type of problem the company is addressing. Each company has been categorized into one main area, however certainly sometimes different areas also fit and are also shown in the results under "Areas of Activities".

In the results, subareas where the company is additionally active, but which are not the main focus, are also shown, but cannot be filtered.

Most companies has one main technology focus driving their business. The technology search field can be used to help find business partners for specific projects or products and services.

When we publish the Energy Startup Map, we provide this additional filter, so that the Startup can be found based on the Map-Areas, which are not identical to the Database Areas. This filter is not shown all the time. More Information about the last Energy Startup Map can be found here.

The canton of the main Swiss location or where the company is registered in ZEFIX.

The phase shows how far the company has entered the market, how well the products are selling and how developed the company is. The following phases are defined:

  • Formation
    The project or startup is in an early phase, where the service or product, team, and structure still need to be shaped and formed.
  • Validation
    The startup has entered the market, has a few first customers, and the product or service is being validated. Usually no expansion has occurred, either in the team or to another country and the focus is on one main product.
  • Growth
    The company is growing, has more and more customers, and is expanding their team accordingly. They may have started selling different products or services and have potentially expanded to another countries
  • Established
    The company has multiple products and customers and is well established in their field. It may still be a startup for a short while (if less than five years old), but more likely it is not seen as a startup anymore.
Normally, the database shows the year that an organisation was registered in the Commercial Registry Office. In case of projects in a pre-founding phase, the year represents when they first became publicly visible.

The official name of the company as registered in the Commercial Registry Office. It can also show a brand name, if this is the dominant name used to sell the product.

The logo can be submitted by the companies via our website as png or svg. We are happy if the logos are sent in high resolution, so that we it can be used for other project, such as the Swiss Energy Startup Map.

For further information, please check the FAQ section on the About page.

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