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Discover startups and projects in the environment and energy sectors filtered by business area and technology. This list includes high potential projects and companies based and working primarily in Switzerland, founded or active since 2000 and still operational, and range from an initial concept up to those that are trying to capture a larger market space.
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Company Name Founding year / Canton Areas of Activity [Subareas] Technology
Barto 2017 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Farming & agriculture ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
BE Barto is a portal for digital collection and networking of farm and production data all in one portal. The farmer saves time and maintains an overview of the company's documentation and planning at all times.
Quartierstrom 2017 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production), Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Electricity efficiency, Energy storage, Many fields ] IT-blockchain or algorithms, smartcity
ZH blockchain based peer to peer energy (physical and Go) community (
ATSHOME 2017 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity efficiency, Energy sufficiency, Engineering, Heat energy ] Photovoltaics, Renewable technologies, smart device, Smarthome & building
BE ATSHOME AG is providing solar and heat pump system that allows a positive financial and ecological return on investment.
eCarUp 2017 Transport & Mobility [ Services pooling ] e-car, e-mobility, E-vehicle charging, smartcity
ZG With our solution, we maximise returns from under-utilised charging stations for electric cars at offices, hotels, retail centres or apartment complexes – and transform payments with our intuitive app.
AgroFly 2017 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Farming & agriculture ] drone & flight
VS AgroFly S.A. , based in Granges (Switzerland), developed the first high precision agricultural sprayer driven by a UAV-type flying platform. AgroFly's SpUAVs (Spraying UAVs) are soon available on the market with all by authorities required paperwork: - ISO 22866 drift assessments - Quality deposit assessments - Homogeneity of deposit assessments Our in-house developed (and patented) spraying boom configuration ensures an unmatched application quality on the market!
Daphne Technology 2017 Climate technologies & mitigation & CO2-reduction [ Maritime and waterways transport, Transport & logisticsof goods ] unknown
VD Daphne Technology SA is developing a catalyst-free scrubber technology to help the petrochemical, power and transportation industries to reduce air emissions to the levels required by international and national regulations. Daphne Technology’s patented nanotechnology based solutions can be miniaturized and is especially well-suited to meet the requirements of marine vessels.
Oust! Rosset, Losey, Jomini SNC 2017 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Resource efficiency, Waste & recycling ] low technology
FR Optimizing recyclable waste collection in households and companies by collecting the waste at the home and bringing it to the appropriate disposal places.
swizz-e 2016 Transport & Mobility e-mobility, e-motorbike, e-motorcycle, e-scooter
SZ swizz-e GmbH designed a new e-scooter (Roller) that is produced completly in switzerland.
neverain 2017 Clothes, Textiles, Wearables devices or apps, Transport & Mobility e-bike, e-mobility
ZH Thanks to a multifunctional overall, cycling should in future be a pleasure regardless of the weather.
Hivemind 2017 Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis [ Information technology ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
ZH Hivemind IoT Platform, provides all key middleware capabilities needed to build sophisticated End-2-End IoT application ecosystems.
Hive Power 2017 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Energy efficiency, Information technology ] IT-blockchain or algorithms
TI Hive Power develops a turnkey solution for the creation and management of local energy communities on the blockchain, providing an economic optimization for their participants by lowering their bills and valorizing their assets. In collaboration with meter producers, Hive Power is building a blockchain ready energy meter, which allows to safely tokenize energy.
Energie hoch drei 2017 Construction & buildings, Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Construction of buildings ] low technology
BE Energie hoch drei AG stands for the 3 elements of the energy future - efficiency, consistency and sufficiency. Their core competencies are energy concepts and sustainability consulting in the building sector and in spatial planning from the idea to the implementation. They offer their services to a broad clientele ranging from building owners and planning teams to various institutions.
ethec 2017 Transport & Mobility [ Energy efficiency ] e-mobility, e-motorbike, e-motorcycle, e-scooter
ZH We are a team consisting of 16 students and 5 supervisors of ETH Zurich and ZHdK. As part of a focus-project, we are developing a prototype of an electric motorcycle with two-wheel drive. Our main goal is to have a driving range of 250 km using braking energy recuperation at both wheels and latest battery technologies.
Pick-e-Bike 2018 Transport & Mobility [ Mobility & Fleet management ] e-bike, e-mobility, fleet management
BS Pick-e-Bike is your sharing system for e-bikes and e-scooters in the Basel region. Fast, easy and cheap.
beesolar 2017 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity ] Photovoltaics
VD BeeSolar offers a new type of impact investment by installing solar panels on residential buildings in Switzerland. BeeSolar tries to start photovoltaic projects on residential buildings by transforming them into a profitable investment for the owner.
droople 2018 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Water Management ] Internet of Things, IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals, Measuring & monitoring e.g. environemental data
novatlantis 2017 Environment, sustainability & hazard prevention management [ Resource efficiency ]
ZH Novatlantis aims for energy system transformation, resource efficiency, renewable energies and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It analyses data, developments of information, knowledge and strategies, empowers customers to take concrete action, and provides scientific services.
Blockstrom 2017 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Electricity efficiency ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals, Photovoltaics
BE Blockstrom enables real estate investors to supply rooftop solar power to the inhabitants of their buildings. We measure the electricity consumption and supply complete metering and billing data to property managers. Our web portal makes the management of energy consumption communities easy and efficient. We support self consumption communities.
LuckaBox 2017 Transport & Mobility [ Services pooling, Transport & logisticsof goods ] Shipping
ZH LuckaBox provides a customer-centric logistics platform for enterprises to manage on-demand and last-mile deliveries like same day delivery within 90min or at a preferred 2h time slot. Thanks to our extensive network of professional courier partners, we cover all big cities in Switzerland. Today, LuckaBox already offers access to more than 30% of the Swiss population.
Komp-ACT 2018 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Transport & Mobility [ Energy efficiency ] motor & actuator
VD KOMP-ACT has a revolutionary modularized technology that enables actuators to provide programmable forces with high accuracy. KOMP-ACT’s actuators are energy efficient, clean, lightweight and small; all that with similar prices of the inferior technologies currently available in the market.
Nagi Bioscience 2019 Healthcare & Bodycare
VD Nagi Bioscience proudly introduces the first Organism-on-Chip technology, which combines the use of a simple yet complete organism for in vivo testing – the tiny worm “Caenorhabditis elegans” – with the first technological platform for its fully automated in vitro handling, culture and analysis.
Exomotion 2018
GE The coolest e-scooter in the world.
LINDA Swiss 2018 Construction & buildings, Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity ] drone & flight
ZH LINDA acquires and processes data of its customers infrastructure data. The customers benefits of low prices and highest infrastructure data.
WAWWE (Zuerichips) 2019 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Food production & retail ] low technology
Zuerichips fights foodwastse with deecious chips backed from rescued local bread. The Chips can be ordered online or bought via distribution partners.
youtrition 2018
BS youtrition deals with the recycling of nutrients from human urine in order to achieve sustainability for food production
Self-e 2018 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Transport & Mobility automated or self driving, e-mobility
ZH Project of the VBZ to test an automotive shuttle bus with an electrical drive.
Mondays 2018 Healthcare & Bodycare [ Healthcare ] low technology
ZH Mondays is a Femtech company, an online subscription for environmentally friendly, plastic free period products. At Mondays we know shopping for periods products is a hassle no one needs. And making environmentally friendly choices when buying period products, simply takes up too much time for most people to bother. Mondays allows women to purchase sustainable, 100% plastic free period products, have none of the guilt and save time in the process. A one-time registration and your period products will arrive on your doorstep in time every month.
Kido Dynamics 2018 Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis, Transport & Mobility [ Many fields, Mobility & Fleet management, Road transport ] smartcity
VD Kido Dynamics provides tools for companies to deeply understand people’s mobility patterns. Our technology provides exhaustive, contextual analytics for people mobility patterns. Demand for such tools is very broad all over the world, including segments such as transportation, out-of-home marketing, tourism, events, and smart cities.
Liot (VOLTEX) 2018 Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Electricity efficiency ] Biomass based energy (biofuels, biogas ..), Electric batteries, e-mobility, IT-blockchain or algorithms, Measuring & monitoring e.g. environemental data, Photovoltaics, Renewable technologies, Smartgrid, Solarthermal energy, Wind energy
TG VOLTEX has a peer to peer it-plattform and produces modules that measure, control and regulate the power grid. Stable voltages, reactive power blackouts and grid overcapacities can be avoided.
Yaksha 2018 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Farming & agriculture, Food production & retail ] low technology
VD Yaksha is an organic and fair trade spice from a single source, and together we are starting an innovative concept based on ethical values.
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