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Discover startups and projects in the environment and energy sectors filtered by business area and technology. This list includes high potential projects and companies based and working primarily in Switzerland, founded or active since 2000 and still operational, and range from an initial concept up to those that are trying to capture a larger market space.
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Company Name Founding year / Canton Areas of Activity [Subareas] Technology
streamwise 2010 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production), Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas), Transport & Mobility [ Engineering ] Enabling technologies, IT data usage, Measuring & monitoring e.g. environemental data
ZH Fluid sensor: innovation and problem-tailored advice in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Data analytics is the logical consequence of our work as engineers. Wireless sensor solutions.
Ström (ATSHOME) 2017 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity efficiency, Energy management solutions, Heating and cooling energy ] Photovoltaics, Renewable technologies, Smart device, Smarthome & building
BE ATSHOME AG is providing solar and heat pump system that allows a positive financial and ecological return on investment.
Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories 2018 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Information technology ] Drone & flight, IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals, Robotic, Video and Film
ZH Sulzer Schmid is an independent Swiss technology company for the autonomous inspection of towers and rotor blades. Their digital end-to-end process employs autonomous drones and incorporates cutting-edge image analysis tools using AI technology. Reports are generated at the push of a button. All the data is stored and made accessible via secure cloud services and is available for further analysis and benchmarking.
Sunstyle 2012 Construction & buildings, Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) Photovoltaics
BE Produces solar roof shingles / tiles in different colors. With the SUNSTYLE® solar roof we have developed a versatile solution that is both a roofing material and a power plant. Thanks to the new color technology, SUNSTYLE® photovoltaic shingles can be produced in a variety of colors and surface structures. The roof as an architectural design element makes optimum use of the built-up areas for the production of valuable solar power.
Swiss-9 2011 Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas)
BE SwiSS-9, GmbH is in business of development, production and commercialization of surface functionalization products.
Swiss Alpine Fish (swisslachs) 2013 Environment, sustainability & hazard prevention management, Food, Farming or Forestry [ Catering, Food production & retail, Resource efficiency, Restaurants ] Enabling technologies, Hydro energy (small scale)
ZH Swiss Alpine Fish AG sustainably breeds salmon in an indoor facility in Lostallo, using the latest technology, making it the cleanest and most sustainable fish farm in the world.
Swiss Birdradar Solution 2013 Environment, sustainability & hazard prevention management [ Environmental monitoring ] Sensors
BE Swiss Birdradar Solution AG is specialized in radar remote sensing products and services for the study of bird and bat movements. The focus is on long-term monitoring as well as environmental impact assessment with respect to infrastructure constructions and wind farms.
Swiss Blue Energy 2012 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity, Electricity efficiency ] Geothermal energy, Hydro energy (small scale), Renewable technologies, Solarthermal energy
AG Swiss Blue Energy develops the Thermo-Magnetic Motor (TMM) - an innovative technology for the generation of zero-emission baseload electricity out of extra-low temperature heat. Our products will substantially contribute to a sustainable future electricity supply. 2014 Construction & buildings, Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Transport & Mobility [ Energy efficiency, Mobility & Fleet management ] e-mobility, e-vehicle charging
SG Platform and App to share, find and use e-Charging Stations.
SwissDeCode 2016 Food, Farming or Forestry, Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas) [ Food production & retail ] Bio technologies
VD SwissDeCode was founded in 2016 to build trust and secure the global food supply chain. Spin-off of the University of Geneva, our patented tools and processes are recognized by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (InnoSuisse) and independently validated by Swiss Federal Laboratories. We are based in Renens (Lausanne, VD), Switzerland.
Swiss Eco Line 2015 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Resource efficiency ] Enabling technologies
GR Swiss Eco Line AG develops and markets water efficient, energy sustainable bathroom products designed to maximize the use of water, energy and other natural resources.
Velobility (SwissFleet Service) 2016 Transport & Mobility [ Mobility & Fleet management ] e-bike, e-mobility
ZH Velobility is your partner for Bike-Sharing. Thanks to our bike and e-bike models which are engineered to be shared. And thanks to our tried-and-tested Ridebox® technology. The result is a triple benefit: higher efficiency, better security, longer durability.
Swiss Fresh Water 2008 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Energy efficiency, Resource efficiency, Water Management ] Filters & Membranes, Photovoltaics
VD Swiss Fresh Water (SFW) develops a low cost and decentralized water treatment system, working thanks to solar energy or to the grid. The maintenance is furthermore supported by an Online service platform on Internet.
SwissGEL 2004 Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas), Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Resource efficiency, Waste & recycling ] Material & Products based on biomass, New chemical materials
ZH swissGEL is a plastics development company. We offer partnerships to commercialise additives and bioplastic products and make plastic biodegradable
SwissGeoPower Engineering 2010 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity, Heating and cooling energy ] Geothermal energy
AG SwissGeoPower Engineering AG constructs, operates, rents and sells power plants nationally and internationally for the production of primarily electricity and secondarily heat from deep geothermal energy. These are closed petro-geo-energy power plants, which produce electricity and heat in a clean, sustainable and self-sufficient manner, which guarantees autonomy.
Swiss Hydrogen 2008 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Electricity ] Hydro energy, Hydro energy (small scale), Wearable devices or apps
FR Swiss Hydrogen SA develops clean energy solutions for a variety of applications. The common factor is hydrogen! When produced using renewable energy, hydrogen becomes the ultimate clean energy vector, permitting zero-loss storage, simple scalability, and zero-emission electricity production. At Swiss Hydrogen, we strive to deliver tailor-made, turn-key solutions.
SwissINSO 2006 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production), Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Construction of buildings, Energy efficiency ] Photovoltaics, Physical & chemical & nano technologies, Solarthermal energy
VD SwissINSO is a pioneer in the development and application of new solar technologies and products targeted at enhancing the aesthetics and overall efficiency of Building Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal solar energy solutions. KromatixTM solar glass is available in various tuneable colours (all colours are virtually possible, white and sparkling red excepted) and has a beautiful opaque finish, making the inner workings of the solar panels are invisible and thus further enhancing the overall aesthetics of the panel.
Swissponic 2015 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Farming & agriculture ] Resource saving agricultural technologies
TI Swissponic has developed an automated system for growing vegetable hors-sols at home. The system consists of a hydroponic structure, a control unit with dedicated software and a cloud connection for remote culture management at any time.
SWISS PV 2015 Construction & buildings, Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Construction of buildings, Electricity ] Photovoltaics
SO Planning and implementation of complex solar projects.
SwissShrimp 2016 Food, Farming or Forestry [ Food production & retail ] Resource saving agricultural technologies
AG SwissShrimp AG is the first company in Switzerland to implement sustainable shrimp farming at an industrial level. Following successful pilot production, SwissShrimp has found an attractive location partner for large-scale production in the Swiss salt works in Rheinfelden, Aargau, in 2016.
Swiss Vault Systems 2018 Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis Construction: Resource or material optimisation, Cooling technology, Enabling technologies, IT Software
BS Swiss Vault Systems developed a desktop computer unit for high-end data processing and analysis. They reduce the data-carbon footprint with energy & space efficient data management solutions.
Switzerlend (LEND) 2015 Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis [ Financing and financial services ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
ZH The crowdlending platform LEND matches investors with borrowers. Both benefit from our fair and transparent business model.
swizz-e 2016 Transport & Mobility e-mobility, e-motorbike, e-motorcycle, e-scooter
SZ swizz-e GmbH designed a new e-scooter (Roller) that is produced completly in switzerland.
SYNHELION 2016 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Energy storage, Resource efficiency ] Energy storage other than batteries, Renewable technologies, Solarthermal energy, Synthetic fuels (e.g. power to liquid)
TI Synhelion aims at replacing fossil fuels by economically viable CO2-neutral drop-in fuels which are 100% compatible with the current global fuel infrastructure. The solutions of Synhelion combine state-of-the-art solar tower systems with proprietary high-temperature thermochemical processes for the production of solar fuels.
System-Alpenluft 2011 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Waste & recycling ]
VS System-Alpenluft AG stands for sustainable and economical waste management. System-Alpenluft AG assists their customers in the optimisation of community service and logistics processes. In so doing, System-Alpenluft AG works in a target-oriented and practical way towards at least guaranteeing the quality of services and processes and, wherever possible, to reduce cost at the same time and to improve cost-effectiveness
technis 2016 Construction & buildings [ Energy efficiency, Engineering, Healthcare, Resource efficiency ] Enabling technologies, Sensors, Smartcity, Smart device, Smarthome & building
VD Technis develops and commercializes smart flooring solutions for healthcare applications. Fitted with an innovative sensor technology and deep learning algorithms, the system enables, among others, physical activity tracking, monitoring and fall detection. Pioneering Smart Flooring as a Service (SFaaS), Technis addresses several key problems for elderly people and medical houses: security, physical health and monitoring, as well as autonomy.
Techsep 2009 Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Waste & recycling ] Filters & Membranes
VD The company's main objective is the development, manufacture and marketing of all products and processes relating to environmental protection, including in particular compact equipment for road water treatment, in compliance with current legislative requirements. (Treatment of roadway waters)
TellCo Europe 2008 Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production), Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Electricity efficiency, Energy efficiency ] Lighting, Photovoltaics, Smartgrid, Smarthome & building
TI TellCo Europe Sagl based in Switzerland is an international company, active in renewable energy systems and design and production of Solar Lighting Solutions and Solar Electricity Solutions. TellCo Europe is a leading organisation with the ability to plan, design, deploy, develop, integrate, and supply products for ECO and SOLAR demands.
Teralytics 2012 Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis, Transport & Mobility [ Information technology, Mobility & Fleet management ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
ZH Teralytics offers the most advanced insights on human mobility based on cutting edge data science, proprietary machine learning algorithms and deep technology, capturing billions of signals every day from cell towers and other unique sources.
Terrabloc 2011 Construction & buildings [ Construction of buildings ] Construction: Resource or material optimisation
GE Manufacture and marketing of compressed earth blocks, as well as all activities in the field of architecture, engineering and construction.
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