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This database includes high potential projects and companies in the environment and energy sectors based and working primarily in Switzerland, founded or active since 2000 and still operational. The maturity phase ranges from initial concept (formation or validation) up to those that are trying to capture a larger market space (growth and then established). Discover the companies by using the search filters. Sort the list by clicking on the arrows next to founding year, canton and phase. If your innovation is missing, please add your project here .

Company Name Founding year Canton Phase Areas of Activity [Subareas] Technology
Ässbar 2013
[ Catering, Food production & retail, Resource efficiency ] Low technology
It all began as a simple idea. Yesterday's bread and baked goods were to be given a second life. And instead of ending up in the garbage can, they were to be consumed. The Äss-Bar project is still considered a pioneer in the field of the anti-foodwaste movement in Switzerland.
Atlas Sensing Labs 2017
startup, but phase not clear
Climate technologies & mitigation & CO2-reduction [ air quality, Environmental monitoring ] Measuring & monitoring e.g. environemental data
Atlas Sensing Labs provides environmental monitoring systems, exposure modeling/mapping methods, and consulting services primarily in the area of air quality and public health. Exposure assessment is conducted based on measurements (e.g., gases/particles in outdoor/indoor/occupational settings) and models in support of decision-making towards healthful environments locally and globally.
Atome 2018
[ Construction of buildings ] Construction: Resource or material optimisation
Atome's know-how is based on a unique concept combining modularity and green energy production. Our patented wood-frame module allows us to adapt to any kind of request, from industrial buildings to single-family homes and building elevations.
Attolight 2008
[ Electricity ] Photovoltaics
Attolight started off to revolutionise cathodoluminescence (CL): design top of the line CL instruments that deliver superior performance, maximum ease-of-use and make quantitative cathodoluminescence possible. The Company firmly believes in the potential of cathodoluminescence and aims at establishing the technology as a standard in-line inspection method in semiconductor industry. Attolight is a company with global presence with systems in Europe, Asia, and North America. The Company is headquartered at the EPFL Innovation Park where the Attolab is located as well. Attolight "New Cathodoluminescence"​ solutions support the state-of-the -art research and developments in LEDs, Solar Cells, High Mobility Transitors, new opto-electronical devices, nano-structured semiconductors.
Skwoll 2018
[ Information technology ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals, Wearable devices or apps
We encourage moments of conviviality around a drink. We optimize the experience in bars and restaurants, and we have created an ecosystem of applications that unites a community who enjoy going out. Therefore, they have created a community app.
Authena 2018
[ Information technology ] Internet of Things, IT blockchain or algorithms
For a more connected, transparent, authentic world: Authena provides Powerful plug-and-play technology to identify, track, and authenticate individual products via IoT and blockchain.
Aveny 2019
Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis [ Information technology, Many fields ] Communication, IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
Aveny developed the Brightway LCA calculation engine, a toolkit for next generation LCA applications. Aveny offers user-friendly LCA tools for SME, advanced LCA software for research institutes and consultants, customized LCA solutions for large companies, and Brightway toolkit licenses to LCA software developers.
Axino 2016
[ Food production & retail, Resource efficiency ] Internet of Things, Smart device
Axino offers its grocery customers the ability to make faster and easier product safety decisions .This is done through a system that uses IoT sensor technology in combination with AI algorithms. This allows companies to prevent product loss due to power issues and save on energy costs for refrigeration.
Babylat 2020
[ Healthcare ] Bio technologies, Physical & chemical & nano technologies
Babylat Enricher device is a first automated, small-scale tabletop device for protein enrichment of human milk. The proteins are extracted from human milk and after extraction this concentrated protein fraction is added to human milk to increase its protein value without any health risks.
Basis 57 Nachhaltige Wassernutzung 2007
Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Biodiversity and ecosystem protection, Electricity, Farming & agriculture ] agricultural technologies, Bio technologies
The Gotthard-Basis tunnel in Southern Switzerland causes drainage of the drilled-through rock. Basis 57 Nachhaltige Wassernutzung uses the warm and clean mountain water exiting at the north portal as a natural resource for food production. The breeding of edible fish such as the Gotthard pike-perch and the generation of the necessary thermal energy are the main focus here.
Beaver Schutzsysteme 2002
[ Natural hazards & catastrophe prevention & protection ] Geophysical & technical
eaver® flood preparedness systems have been successfully deployed in emergency situations more than a thousand times over the years, in Switzerland and elsewhere. The Beaver storm and flood preparedness system is composed of two adjacent inflatable dam elements (bladders) that are filled with water.
Primal Bee Systems (BeeHelpful) 2017
[ Biodiversity and ecosystem protection, Farming & agriculture ] agricultural technologies
Beehelpful has developed a new patented class of hives (Primalbee) that improve the health of bees, increase pollination capacity and reduce the chemical treatment of hives.
Belair Solutions 2008
Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption Enabling technologies
Toilet ventilation system specifically for energy savings.
BioApply 2004
[ Waste & recycling ] Waste management technologies, Waste recovery, recycling and re-use
BioApply, enabling biodegradable and biobased alternatives to plastic. Since 2006, BioApply develops biobased, compostable and biodegradable packaging solutions. BioApply solutions address the needs of both retail and waste management sectors. BioApply is based in Switzerland and is also present in Lisbon, Portugal.
Biosimo 2022
Environment, sustainability & hazard prevention management Physical & chemical & nano technologies
We are a chemical engineering start-up aiming to develop and operate processes to produce bio-based platform chemicals. Our customers are chemical, industrial and consumer goods producers looking for ways to manufacture their products without using oil-based materials. With our bio-based chemicals, every-day products like textiles, glues, and films can become greener without changing design, supply chain, or market price.
Boostbar 2020
[ Catering ] Low technology
Boostbar provides a completely modular and fully-personalized tech-enabled food & beverage solution.
Borobotics 2023
[ Engineering ] Robotic
The team at Borobotics has developed an autonomomous compact drilling robot which can be used to extract geothermal energy. The main advantages of using their borerobot "Grabowski" are, that it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than previous drilling methods. In addition the robot is more compact. This way drilling can also be carried out in places where this was not possible before.
Bottle+ 2022
Food, Farming or Forestry [ Resource efficiency ] Physical & chemical & nano technologies
Bottle+ launches the reusable water bottle that allows you to make sparkling water anytime, anywhere - designed in Switzerland and completely plastic-free.
Bring! 2015
Behavioural change [ Resource efficiency, Trade and Retail ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals, IT Software
Bring! simplifies grocery shopping for millions of people. With shared shopping lists, integrated recipes, online shopping, local offers and loyalty cards, Bring! app combines every step along the shopping process.
buildup 2013
Finance, Insurance, IT or Data Analysis [ Building technology, Construction of buildings, Information technology ] IT data usage
We create potential for better building: We believe that the availability, comparability and networking of information and actors can unlock this potential. buildup provides all players in the Swiss construction industry with an independent online platform with the central database for construction products, the SwissBIMLibrary. We are inspired by the desire to promote cooperation between the players and network them with each other. This increases productivity and creates the conditions for better building. We offer decision-makers, planners, suppliers, manufacturers and associations the opportunity to make their information, services and products available to a wide audience. The creation and exchange of results- and performance-oriented construction tenders is made easier for all parties involved.
Bycon 2012
Construction & buildings [ Electricity efficiency, Energy efficiency ]
With Bycon, we are now pursuing our mission to increase our customers' energy efficiency and sustainability in order to improve people's quality of life and preserve nature now and in the future. Through our service, our customers achieve economic and environmental benefits to increase competitiveness and steer well-equipped into a secure energy future.
Caminada Energy Technologies 2008
[ Energy efficiency ]
The environmentally friendly vegetable oil (Pöl) burner makes your oil heating CO2 neutral. Manly used oil should be used.
Campunite 2021
[ Road vehicles and transport ] IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
Campunite is a young and fresh campersharing platform. The goal is to build a fair and transparent platform where ultimately all parties benefit.
candi 2018

Combining the best of its Swiss roots and extensive local presence, candi offers companies of all sizes the simplest, most efficient way to take advantage of solar power for their business. candi systems are the easiest way to go solar. We partner with you to understand your specific needs and provide a quality solar solution that helps you realise long-term benefits and savings from day one.
capsule hotel 2018
[ Hotel ] Low technology
Affordable hotel, with privacy and community. Every single “capsule” can be closed, providing the guest with its own little room. The generously designed interior delivers high-speed internet, electricity, a safe, ventilation and other comforts.
CarbonActive 2011
[ Building technology ] Filters & Membranes
CarbonActive aspires to develop optimized solutions for use in air purification technology (Filters) for buildings.

IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
Your favourite car as a monthly subscription. Includes insurance, coverage, maintenance and more all in one fixed monthly price.
catch-e 2019
[ Energy management solutions, Mobility & Fleet management, Road vehicles and transport ] e-car, e-mobility
catch-e offers test drives with electric vehicles over several days to test how suitable an electric car is. catch-e stands not only for test drives with electric cars and two-wheelers, but above all for stable information and professional help in the field of electric mobility and a well-rounded project for all employee levels. Based on the infrastructure, catch-e will work out a recommendation for the appropriate investment program in the company.
kooky 2021
Recreation, hotels & restaurants [ Resource efficiency, Waste & recycling ] Low technology
Kooky is the first reusable system for take-away drinks including its own return infrastructure.
Celeroton 2008
[ Energy efficiency ] Enabling technologies, Geophysical & technical
They develop, produce and sell ultra-high-speed electric motor-drive systems and turbo compressors, achieving speeds up to 1 million rpm. With speed they reduce volume and weight.
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