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This database includes high potential projects and companies in the environment and energy sectors based and working primarily in Switzerland, founded or active since 2000 and still operational. The maturity phase ranges from initial concept (formation or validation) up to those that are trying to capture a larger market space (growth and then established). Discover the companies by using the search filters. Sort the list by clicking on the arrows next to founding year, canton and phase. If your innovation is missing, please add your project here .

Company Name Founding year Canton Phase Areas of Activity [Subareas] Technology
Kohlenkraft 2023
Climate technologies & mitigation & CO2-reduction [ climate carbon removal ] Biomass based energy (biofuels, biogas ..), Carbon capture and storage, Construction: Resource or material optimisation
KohlenKraft develops, designs and produces climate positive building materials. Their plaster and insulation are made out of charcoal. The insulation stores carbon from the atmosphere and can be reused, recycled, landfilled or composted after its use.
niatsu 2023

Food, Farming or Forestry [ Environmental monitoring, Food production & retail ] Climate technologies, food tech, IT Software
Niatsu provides a carbon footprint framework to enable their customers to automate the CO2-Calculation of their food products.
openversum 2023
[ Water Management ] Filters & Membranes
Openversum produces a low cost all-in-one water filter for the removal of pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals and micropollutants. Using their online platform local entrepreneurs can get the necessary knowhow to micro franchise the filters around the globe.

RECOAL AG, a Swiss company, has developed a cutting-edge carbon removal technology that transforms waste biomass into Negative Emission Coal, providing a reliable, permanent and easy-to-scale solution that securely stores CO2 underground.
Round Rivers 2024
[ clothes, Waste & recycling ] Water pollution abatement
We clean the Limmat river in Zurich from plastic waste and turn it into flakes, granules, yarns, textiles and into upcycled clothing.
Unbound Potential 2023

Designing and building a new type of redox flow battery

Catchfree develops ecologically sustainable and nutritionally beneficial seafood alternatives using a scalable technological platform. Their focus is on co-creating recipes and applications with specialty restaurants in Switzerland before expanding to the broader European market and eventually retail and online sales channels.
fungi futuri 2021

Growing and researching edible mushrooms and fungi
miniloop 2023

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