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This database includes high potential projects and companies in the environment and energy sectors based and working primarily in Switzerland, founded or active since 2000 and still operational. The maturity phase ranges from initial concept (formation or validation) up to those that are trying to capture a larger market space (growth and then established).

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Company Name Founding year Canton Phase Areas of Activity [Subareas] Technology
Zerofy 2022

Climate technologies & mitigation & CO2-reduction IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
Zerofy helps you measure your household’s carbon emissions in real-time and drive them towards zero. Then reduce carbon emissions by switching to low carbon energy and products.
Plastics Innovation Competence Center
Clothes, Textiles, Wearables devices or apps, Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management
The Plastics Innovation Competence Center (PICC) offers industry project-based R&I combining the latest science and technology with environmental and commercial requirements for present and future plastic products. PICC is part of the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HEIA-FR), Switzerland, and brings together multidisciplinary expertise, processing equipment, analytical and modelling tools. PICC strategically positions itself near the end of the plastics value chain to interact with converters, retailers, brand-owners, and after use recyclers. PICC consults on plastics selection and processing, designs alternative product options, and finds innovative sustainable and commercially attractive solutions for specific needs. In close collaboration with industry partners, tailored solutions are worked out for the desired event horizon by providing innovative synthetic organic materials, processing technologies and application designs.

Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption [ Energy Production, Energy sufficiency ] Photovoltaics, Renewable technologies, Solarthermal energy
Solar energy is a strong catalyst to fight poverty. We provide a modular, compact and solar energy center to NGOs working with off-grid communities in South-East Africa. The center can provide light and mobile charging for the communities. It can be expanded over time, thus bringing new energy services according to the demand of the users (ex. wi-fi, fridge, printing, etc.). On the one hand, the center generates revenues, which makes it financially self-sustainable. On the other hand, the energy services provided to the communities allow them to lower their energy costs, while being less polluting, more efficient and healthier than current solutions they use. At sun’n’go, we strongly believe that no one should be left behind and that we can empower the bottom of the pyramid thanks to sustainable energy in order to reduce inequalities.
Construction & buildings [ Trade and Retail ] Construction: Resource or material optimisation
The association was founded with the objective of reducing the social and environmental impact of primary production (forestry, mining, oil and gas extraction), processing and manufacturing, by reducing consumer demand for new furniture, in turn reducing the demand for resources needed to manufacture it.
Floating Robotics
Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas), Transport & Mobility [ Farming & agriculture, Resource efficiency, Transport & logisticsof goods ]
At Floating Robotics, we build cable-driven floating robots that offer mobility and manipulation at large scales in gardens, greenhouses, or warehouses. Our robots are easy to install, run on solar power, and automate complicated tasks.
Food from Wood

Food, Farming or Forestry [ Food production & retail ] food tech
Food from Wood explores the production of edible insects whose feed does not compete with human staple foods. The focus is on giant and rose beetle species.
Recreation, hotels & restaurants [ Recreation ] Low technology
Schweizer Tachengrill offers an ecological alternative to disposable grills. Their product can be used several times and is as practical as its counterpart.
Health & House & Body Care [ Bodycare, Healthcare ] Physical & chemical & nano technologies
At Microcaps we developed a technology that enables the size control of the microcapsules with Swiss precision, hence they all behave exactly the same. This means we can directly tailor and predict the release profile of a drug. Our solution is also highly relevant for fragrances, flavors and probiotics.
Food, Farming or Forestry [ Farming & agriculture, Food production & retail ] food tech
NutriFly produces high quality products for animals and plants from insects. In our production process, we exclusively process regionally available by-products from the agricultural and food industries into high-protein animal feed and nutrient-rich fertilizers.
Piss & Love
Construction & buildings
Piss & love design, produce and offers innovating dry toilets which are movable without machines and customizable. Furthermore, we aim to transform human waste into valuable nutrients for plants or energy.
Project Circleg
Clothes, Textiles, Wearables devices or apps, Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Bodycare ]
Project Circleg is a Swiss-East African social enterprise endorsing a holistic approach in the development of appropriate lower-limb prosthetic systems for people living in low- to middle-income countries. Locally and readily available plastics are transformed into affordable high-quality prosthetics through innovative circular manufacturing processes.

Health & House & Body Care, Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management
We sell soap cases to store and transport soaps in a sustainable and pretty way.

Health & House & Body Care [ Bodycare, Healthcare ]
SwayToday is an online marketplace that matches individual sustainability values of Gen Z beauty consumers with those of beauty products. This personalized, fun service enables consumers to conveniently find beauty products with their desired sustainability values (vegan, organic, zero waste, ethical, etc…and combinations thereof), discover new sustainable products, and learn about product sustainability.
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