Energy and Cleantech Startup Day

Christina Marchand

Every year the ZHAW CIE Team organizes an event to initiate collaboration for knowledge exchange between startups, incumbent companies, public institutions and new actors in the energy sector. The focus goes beyond financial investments to foster collaborative development.

The Energy and Cleantech Startup Day is aimed at Startups and pre-startups in the area of energy and cleantech that are looking for strategic partnerships in the energy sector and at incumbent companies and public institutions (technology companies, utilities, muncipalities) who seek innovative solutions and potential collaboration with startups. New actors which aim to thrive in the transition of the energy industry. The events takes place since November 2015 and has grown substancially in the last years. The event is free for startups. Find more information about the this year's event and the application on the Energy and Cleantech Startup Day website.

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