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This database includes high potential projects and companies in the environment and energy sectors based and working primarily in Switzerland, founded or active since 2000 and still operational. The maturity phase ranges from initial concept (formation or validation) up to those that are trying to capture a larger market space (growth and then established).

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Company Name Founding year Canton Phase Areas of Activity [Subareas] Technology
QuerDenkFabrik 2014
Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production) [ Energy Production ] Motor & actuator
Development and improvement of high-pole electric motors. The first prototyps are promising. Using the new Soft Magnetic Composite Material
RB2 Robotics 2017
Industrial process & manufacture (technology usefull for many areas)
We are a spin-off from the HEIG-VD Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory based at the EPFL innovation park. We are developing state of the art deep learning models that enable robots to make smart and secure decisions only based on what they see just like humans do.
Remretech 2017
Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management [ Waste & recycling ] Enabling technologies
Recycling technology for strategically & technologically important rare earths from magnet e-wastes. The founder Ajay Patil aims to develop a portable recycling unit for e-waste and resource management.
Retreeva 2021
Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management New chemical materials
Retreeva's patented high-tech sponge selectively captures precious metals from industrial waste streams in trace concentrations and record time. Recycling these valuable resources in a green manner ultimately helps reducing carbon emissions, energy loss and dependence of industry on virgin mines, thus contributing towards a more responsible future. Ultimately, with its adsorbents, Retreeva aims to aid access to drinkable water in underdeveloped regions.

Health & House & Body Care, Natural resources, Material efficiency or Recycling & Waste Management
We sell soap cases to store and transport soaps in a sustainable and pretty way.
somebodyelse 2021
Behavioural change, Communication, Media, Education or Games [ Games ] Gamification
Somebodyelse creates embodied experiences in VR to help people to understand an issue in an immersive, educational and playful way to raise awareness and enable positive behavioural change. In 2015, the United Nations all agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. But social, cultural, and environmental problems still seem to be accumulating worldwide; sustainable cities and communities, access to health and therapy, or social wellbeing are still huge problems to tackle. People are still not sufficiently aware of the underlying problems, cannot understand, imagine, or relate to them, and therefore, will not change them either. Digital technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) allow a wide range of people to experience abstract content appealingly. And, today we know that people can better understand and emphasize through a self-made bodily experience.
Airfix 2022

Building a Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage market. Airfix, a new subsidiary of South Pole, combines decades of climate finance and carbon project development expertise with a vision for a scalable Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage market in Switzerland and beyond.
SUIND 2020
Transport & Mobility [ Information technology, Mobility & Fleet management ] Drone & flight, Internet of Things
Enabling drone companies to unlock the full potential of drones by providing them with state of the art safety solution.

Health & House & Body Care [ Bodycare, Healthcare ]
SwayToday is an online marketplace that matches individual sustainability values of Gen Z beauty consumers with those of beauty products. This personalized, fun service enables consumers to conveniently find beauty products with their desired sustainability values (vegan, organic, zero waste, ethical, etc…and combinations thereof), discover new sustainable products, and learn about product sustainability.
Urstamm 2021
Food, Farming or Forestry [ Forestry ]
We enable and promote sustainable timber, forest management and regionality through transparency and efficient processes with digital proof of origin on the wood. 2021
Environment, sustainability & hazard prevention management [ Engineering, Waste & recycling, Water Management ] Construction : Increase efficiency or renewable energy use., Construction: Resource or material optimisation, Waste recovery, recycling and re-use, Water conservation
The VaLoo association was founded on World Toilet Day 2021 with the aim "to create value from what ends up in the Loo". Our 44 founding members from 18 different organisations are a heterogeneous group of start-up entrepreneurs, associations, researchers, students and other interested parties.
Voltiris 2022
Energy production & distribution & storage (incl.tool production), Energy usage, efficiency & prosumption, Food, Farming or Forestry [ Energy efficiency, Energy Production, Farming & agriculture ] Construction : Increase efficiency or renewable energy use., Photovoltaics, Renewable technologies
Agricultural greenhouses are key toward a sustainable food supply, however they have significant energetic needs due to heating and artificial lightening. There is a push from governments, retailers and consumers to reduce carbon footprint of greenhouses. Voltiris enables double-use of large greenhouses surfaces to produce electricity without impacting their high agricultural yield. Voltiris introduces a solar panel design to generate electricity from the part of sunlight's spectrum that is unused for crop growth.
Zerofy 2022

Climate technologies & mitigation & CO2-reduction IT-platforms or networking solutions, e.g. portals
Zerofy helps you measure your household’s carbon emissions in real-time and drive them towards zero. Then reduce carbon emissions by switching to low carbon energy and products.
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